Welcome to Navreme Boheme, s.r.o.

Welcome at the website of Navreme Boheme, s.r.o.

Navreme Boheme, s.r.o. is a dynamic, innovative, socially responsible company focusing on consulting, education, science and research. We are dedicated to topics such as:

  • evaluation - assessment of relevance, effficiency, (cost-)effectiveness, sustainability and evaluation of results and impact of financial interventions, notably the evaluation of projects and programs financed from public funds;
  • project management - preparation, administration and flawless execution of projects in accordance with the standards;
  • knowledge development and diffusion of innovation - management, maintenance and development of knowledge in organizations in relation to education, human resource development and labour market;
  • IT and new technologies incl. e -learning - consultancy and training in the area of ​​ICT (information and communication technologies) and the production design of platforms;
  • social research - research among disadvantaged and excluded social groups, demographic studies and unique social innovation-based solutions;
  • gamification and digital badges - increasing motivation for learning, validation of learning outcomes incl. in-formal and non-formal learning and learning pathways;
  • social innovation - consulting, (social) innovation audit, networking and building partnerships incl. international partnerships;
  • processing of data files, coding and transcription - quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data; conversion of both audio and video into text.

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